Rose Congou Tea


Rose Congou tea is a blend of Keemun tea with rose petals. The rose petals are added during oxidization, which allows the rose petals’ wonderful scent to infuse into the black tea leaves. This leads to a blend with an uplifting smell reminiscent of a beautiful rose garden in full, summertime bloom!

Worthy of your attention is the fact that Keemun tea has a claim to fame as being one of the first Chinese teas to be imported into Europe!

Rose Congou tea is gentle and light, with delicate layers of flavour, including both smoky and malty with a detectable hint of nuttiness.

This particular blend responds very well to a somewhat longer brew than many other loose leaf teas. Therefore, don’t be scared to let it sit for up to 4 minutes to allow for the full expression of the flavours of these leaves to show through in your hot beverage. It really is a case of “patience will be rewarded”.



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