Russian Caravan Tea


This Russian Caravan loose leaf tea is a black tea with delightfully complex layers of spice, smoke and malty sweetness. The unique combination of these intricate layers brings about a beverage that bursts with character and charm.

There is a good reason why this tea is blessed with arresting qualities. The reason is revealed in the interesting story behind the tea. The tale goes that this tea was first drunk long, long ago by those who inhabited the caravans that first transported teas into Europe. As the caravans passed through each tea producing region, more and more different teas would be added to the blend. The eventual result was an unusual and eclectic mix of leaves with a strikingly robust but wonderfully smooth flavour. Therefore, if you are looking for a tea that is brimming with uniqueness, then this loose leaf tea is a solid option for you. Plus you have the added bonus of being able to entertain your guests with the historical tale behind the blend.




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