Sencha Leaf Tea


Our Sencha loose leaf tea is a version of a traditional Sencha. This version originates from China. This is a light and refreshing green tea which we use as the standard green tea in our cafes.



Our Sencha loose leaf tea is a version of a traditional Sencha. Unlike the well-known traditional Sencha, which originates from Japan, this one originates from China. We believe, however, that this Chinese version is equally exquisite. In fact, we like it so much that we use this light and refreshing green tea as our standard green tea in all of our cafés in Carlisle. So if you visit one of our cafés in Carlisle, Cumbria, and order a cup of green tea, this Sencha green tea is what you will get.

Preparing Your Green Tea

The trick with green tea is not to over brew it. Instead, it is best to boil your water and leave it for about two to three minutes to allow it to cool down just a touch and only then begin brewing your tea. Furthermore, brewing should take no longer than three minutes maximum. The reason for this is that this allows the fresh spring grass flavour to come out but not the bitter edge that sadly puts some people off green tea.


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