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unbleached coffee filter papers

Filter Papers 1k, 2k, 4k, and 6k


Make the perfect filter coffee at home with these unbleached coffee filter papers by Filtra. They make for an ideal choice for your manual or automatic drip coffee maker, including filter cone or pour-over.

These unbleached coffee filter papers come in packs of 80 and in four different sizes, which are as follows:

  • 1k – 1 Cup
  • 2k – 2 Cup
  • 4k – 4 Cup
  • 6k – 6 Cup

Seeing as the process of bleaching has been excluded from the manufacturing process of these filter papers, they are less harmful to the environment than their white, bleached counterparts.

As with any filter paper, when preparing your brew, it is advisable to rinse the paper with hot water once or twice prior to use. Simply put the filter paper in place as you would when preparing your brew, and before adding your ground coffee, allow hot water to flow through the filter. This will reduce or eliminate any potential papery taste in your drink.

Here at John Watt & Son, all of our coffees are available in a medium-ground form. So when you shop with us, make sure to select this option if you intend to use a brewing method that requires the use of a filter paper.

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