Vanilla Tea


This vanilla loose leaf tea is a smooth and full tasting tea that is best served without any milk whatsoever.

The tea consists of a strong Chinese tea base, which has been infused with high-quality vanilla oil.

Did you know that vanilla is the fruit of an orchid? This orchid is, not surprisingly, called the vanilla orchid. Scientifically speaking, it is called Vanilla planifolia. The fruit is in the form of a dark brown bean, roughly 8 inches in length.

Included in our vanilla tea are real chunks of vanilla pods. As a result, the blend of tea leaves, vanilla oil and vanilla pod chunks really do smell good enough to eat! In fact, we regularly hear great things about this tea from our customers, and, of course, we think it’s great too!

Whether you are looking for an extra addition to the range of teas in your pantry or kitchen cupboard, looking to impress some guests or acquaintances, or if you are a devoted vanilla tea drinker hoping to find an example that is a level above any you’ve ever tasted, our vanilla loose leaf tea is most certainly for you!


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  1. susan nichol (verified owner)

    I drink this tea every morning at breakfast time and have been doing so for at least 20 years. Good way to start the day. Very refreshing.

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