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The Washington Poe Blend


This Washington Poe Blend has been concocted to celebrate M. W. Craven’s Washington Poe crime thriller series. The fourth book in the series, Dead Ground, was released on June 3rd 2021. The fifth book in the series, The Botanist, is currently available, and the sixth, The Mercy Chair, will be available to buy on June 6th 2024.

The blend has been inspired by the lead character’s love of coffee and his occasional use of our renowned coffee shop in Bank Street for his supply of freshly roasted coffee. The dark and fruity taste of the Washington Poe Blend, along with its sweet overtones, in our opinion, reflect the character’s love of the Lakeland hills and his ability to think like the criminals he chases.

Like the books, this is a coffee full of character. Grapefruit, dark chocolate, sugar cane and vanilla all grace the palate with their presence to produce a truly pleasurable drinking experience.

We are immensely proud and humbled to be associated with Mike’s books. For example, in his first novel, Born in a Burial Gown, the coffee grounds being found in the turn-ups of the victim’s trousers was the breakthrough that solved the case, and in Black Summer, the main witness visits us each day for his breakfast.

We are grateful for Mike’s support and with the launch of his book Dead Ground, have collaborated with our friend, the local author, on an exclusive collaboration. We are also bringing you a Washington Poe Blend Hamper, which includes a signed, first edition copy of the new novel – these are limited edition hampers, so be sure to get your orders in quick so as not to miss out on the opportunity to curl up with the perfect crime thriller – special roast combo! Order them here.

To find out more about the Washington Poe series visit

A characterful dark roast with a rich & fruity aroma.

Tasting notes of vanilla, dark chocolate, sugarcane & a gentle hint of grapefruit.

Inspired by the work of M.W. Craven

The Washington Poe Blend


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