contents of the washington Poe Hamper including copy of Dead Ground book, 250g of the washington poe blend coffee, 100g of blood orange tea and 100g of christmas tea

The Washington Poe Hamper


  • 250g The Washington Poe Blend
  • 100g Blood Orange Tea
  • 100g The JW Christmas Tea
  • Signed, first edition copy of M.W. Craven’s ‘Dead Ground’


The perfect gift for the lover of a good thriller, this hamper combines our Washington Poe Blend Coffee with a signed, first edition copy of M.W. Craven’s popular novel ‘Dead Ground’ and 2 of our delicious tea blends. We think there’s no better way to lose yourself in the pages of this truly thrilling novel than curling up with a fresh brew by your side, so we’re bringing you this hamper to do just that!

Our Washington Poe blend was specially created following inspiration from M.W. Craven’s character of the same name, who frequented our shop on Bank Street for his own coffee to drink in his home on the side of Shap Fell in the books. Also included are two refreshing fruit teas; our Blood Orange Blend and our Christmas Tea which both work as a hot tea and as delicious, iced drink which we are sure Tilly would approve of!

PLEASE NOTE: As these are signed, first editions of the new novel, we only have a limited number of books and therefore, only have a limited number of these exclusive M.W. Craven/Washington Poe Blend Hampers available – so be sure not to miss out by getting your orders in quickly!!



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