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September 2022 – Coffee of the Month

This month, we have specially roasted our Papua New Guinea Goroka B to a beautifully rich, high roast for you to enjoy this September!

Papua New Guinea beans are often revered for their unique & interesting acidity & high variety. In the eastern highlands, sits a small town called Goroka at an altitude of 1,600m above sea level which is where we find the home of this coffee of the month. It is a small trading city, formed in an oval around its central airstrip which sits beneath some of the most desired highlands for coffee growing in the world with some of the most fertile soils on the planet!

The result is a highly nuanced bean, bursting with flavour that can be harboured to create a multitude of subtle varieties through the roasting process.

We roast ours to a deep high roast to bring out its more indulgent tones; such as toasted pecan, dark chocolate, hints of treacle with a sprinkling of smoky notes to finish, making this the perfect cup to enjoy on a late, lazy Sunday morning breakfast in bed if you ask us!